Plan Purpose and Approach

This Plan proposes a medium-term vision, recommendations, and strategies for improving and developing the planning area over the next ten years. The Plan is an implementation component of the City of San Antonio’s SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. Adopted in 2016, the Comprehensive Plan is the City’s long-range land use and policy plan that is intended to be a blueprint for future growth and development through the year 2040. This is an implementation-oriented Sub-Area Plan that will further develop recommendations from the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan to improve quality of life for San Antonio residents, guide growth and development that accommodates projected housing and employment increases, and to fulfill other Comprehensive Plan goals and policies through a community-based planning process.

The Plan honors and integrates previously adopted neighborhood and community plans while providing an equitable path for all neighborhoods to participate in planning, to create priorities, and to advocate for implementing their priorities in the future.

The development of the Plan will be thoroughly documented on this website (ePlan). This ePlan will ultimately contain the entire Plan document when the project is completed in 2024. As new sections of the draft plan are completed, new tabs will become active, illustrating the content created and the community input provided during that phase. Once the Plan is complete, all tabs will become visible and each aspect of the entire plan will be visible at the click of a button.

Existing Conditions

In the analysis of the existing conditions, the Plan will map a number of topic areas, including land use, built and natural systems, districts, amenities and access, transportation, and economic assets as well as several maps exploring equity in the area. Each of those topics will be produced from the aggregation of existing data in a manner that's easy to understand. Furthermore, a demographic and economic profile will be produced for the Plan area.

Vision and Goals

By evaluating inputs from residents, business owners and employees, as well as stakeholders and agencies active in each area, the Plan will construct a vision statement and planning goals. The vision statement is intended to capture the overall purpose of each plan and the identity of each planning area. The vision will be aligned with the overall vision for the City articulated in the Comprehensive Plan and will guide the development of the Plan and its goals and recommendations.

Plan Recommendations

The Plan Recommendations will use the vision and goals to guide development of the six main topics of the plan: Land Use, Focus Areas, Mobility, Amenities and Public Spaces, Housing, and Economic Development. Detailed background information, maps, illustrations, and recommendations for each of those topics will be posted to this website for public comment as they are developed throughout the process. Throughout those sections, numerous important recommendations and strategies are identified for achieving the vision and goals of the plan based on existing conditions analysis; research and best practices case studies; collaboration with other City departments and partner agencies and organizations; and many conversations with the Planning Team and the wider community.

Focus Areas

Focus areas identified and confirmed by the Planning Team and community stakeholders are defined as areas of opportunity suitable for improvements and investment within the planning area. These are typically areas that are special or unique to the residents that live nearby and can benefit from preservation or enhancement, or areas that could accommodate more opportunities to live, work, and play. Focus area opportunities can include a wide range of contexts including infill development on small parcels in neighborhoods, corridor revitalization opportunities, adaptive reuse of underutilized industrial buildings, or greenfield development on large undeveloped areas. Focus area features can include appropriate building scale and height, desired character and design elements, potential types of businesses, compatible housing options, and recommended public places and recreational amenities that help meet a variety of community goals.

Neighborhood Profiles & Priorities

Neighborhood-specific strategies are a critical component of this planning effort and will be focused on short- to mid-term actions and investments prioritized by each neighborhood for its distinct part of the overall planning area.


The implementation section identifies priority actions, investments, and recommended policy changes relevant to achieving the vision and goals the entire plan area. Potential partnerships and funding sources are noted where applicable.

The SA Tomorrow Plan

San Antonio is planning boldly to ensure our great City captures the type of growth and economic development that will lead our community into the future and provide benefits to all our residents. Visit this website to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan and what we’re doing to make San Antonio a diverse and thriving community.